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Project event (April 2016) Holidays at my home and at my school then and now

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The pupils of Narva Paju school researched on sources of customes, holiday decorations etc. as well as school celebrations.



Secular Celebrations

Birthdays in our families are always celebrated, and christenings and confirmations are celebrated with large parties. The most important holiday remains New Year. All families always decorate fir-tree and traditional foods are served. Young generation call a fir-tree as Christmas tree. Now New Year's Eve is considered part of the Christmas holidays. A sauna before midnight cleans the body and spirit for the upcoming year.

The old folk calender included many days that influenced farming decisions. On Shrove Tuesday, people still go sledding to make flax plants grow taller. On Saint John's Eve (23 June), we go to the countryside to celebrate midsummer with large bonfires. 

State holidays with official governmental celebrations include Independence Day (24 February), Victory Day (23 June), and Independence Restoration Day (20 August).


0 #5 estonia 2016-05-18 08:28
Hello,I'm Michael. I'm from Poland.I like your presentation beacuse your pictures are amazing.We celebrate Independence Day on 11 November. We don't go to school on this day, we go to church. I usually meet my friends on this day and we play computer games. :D
0 #4 estonia 2016-05-18 08:27
Hi my name is Maks (from Poland). I like your pictures.Were the cakes tasty?? We celebrate our Independence Day on 11 November and we don't go to school this day. I usualy meet my friends on this holiday and we go for a long walk. 8)
0 #3 estonia 2016-05-18 08:26
Hello I'm Marcela. I am from Poland. I like your presentation. We celebrate Independence Day on 11 November. We hang our flag for Independence Day. I go to church with my friends. ;)))))))
+1 #2 estonia 2016-04-28 09:25
Beatiful presentations
+1 #1 estonia 2016-04-27 10:00
Wow! How many common in celebrating of traditions we have (
the 1st day of spring, birthday, Ester and Chtistmas).

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